Telecommunications and Audio-visual law

We represent, counsel and defend clients on all aspects of telecommunications and audio-visual laws in Cameroon. We assist clients to obtain all the necessary authorizations, concessions or declarations before the competent authorities where necessary. We also assist clients to access public networks, get interconnected and share infrastructure with other operators.
Regarding telecommunications disputes, we defend client’s interests before the Telecommunications Regulatory Board and the competent courts.
ATANGA LAW OFFICE is also very active in providing legal services in the information technology sector. We do not only register domain names with the National Agency for Information Technology and Communication (ANTIC), but we also negotiate, draft, execute and perfect contracts of information technology maintenance and advice, financing of information and software follow-up.
The firm equally advises on the patentability of hardware and protection of software as copyright or, trademark under industrial property.
Yet we have also had the occasion to give advisory services on criminal offences in information technology involving piracy of software as an operating system.