Mining and other Natural resources Law

ATANGA LAW OFFICE is versed in the natural resources and energy sector of Cameroon. In effect we do consultancies on forestry exploitation, diamonds exploration, fishing concessions and oil & gas concessions for American, European and Asian firms. In the process we assist our clients in obtaining the necessary governmental authorizations, licences and approvals.
Thereafter we draft, execute and perfect their edge lease agreements, mineral lease agreements, mining lease agreements, oil and gas lease agreements.
It must be noted here that the 2002 Investment Charter came to widen the scope of production in the sense that there is no longer any particular protection amongst national business sectors. The wood sector has been liberalised such that it is now easier to obtain the license to exploit timber. The petroleum sector has also been liberalised and oil research, meaning exploration, production and distribution, is open to all who can venture. Moreover, a 1998 law instituted special fiscal measures to promote hydrocarbons exploration activities in Cameroon. This law is a charter of rights and benefits to be enjoyed by holders of hydrocarbons permits and concessions.
There is also a fiscalo-customs reform which put every business, whether industrial or commercial, on the same plane.